All the houses designed and manufactured in our factory are made according to your country's standards!
We will develop a frame house project
uniquely for you!
Pick your favorite house projects of any complexity from any sources. It can be a combination of various options, for example, the facade of one building and the internal layout of another. You can bring hand-drawn sketches or voice your suggestions about the location of the premises.

You will receive professional advice from an architect to create your frame Dream House already at the first meeting! The cost of the design and the construction in our configuration will all be disclosed. We will quickly put together an individual project according to your preferences while taking into consideration all building norms and rules.
Individual exclusive project composition
Your house project contains all the necessary documents for executive authorities' approval and is fully compliant to the rules for registering real estate.

  1. Explanatory statement
  2. Phasing plan with dimensions
  3. House facades
  4. Window doors
  5. Main sections
  6. Roof plan
  7. Foundation plan
Meeting our specialists, you will learn everything about your future home.
We understand how insanely difficult it is to dive into the design and construction of a frame house. It is crucial to foresee everything, even at the very initial stage, and this requires some experience. We will help you! We will show you how to plan a house based on your personal needs, select the architectural style of the building, and better place the object itself already at the first meeting.

Most importantly, you will be fully informed about your future property so you could safely begin to implement your ideas. Our experts will advise you in all areas of plumbing, electricity, and construction.
We make people happier!
Discover the main advantages of constructing frame houses
Energy efficiency
Modular houses are energy efficient as they are constructed using energy-saving technologies.
Construction speed
Modular houses are erected much faster than any other type of house.
Choosing any type of house
The customer can choose the type and style for their house, as well as the number of floors.
Affordable price
Building a frame house is much more convenient than building a blockhouse
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