Project "Austin"

Living space: 119 м2
Built-up space: 139 м2
This project includes:

- Design of the structural part of the building
- Production of building elements (walls, floors)
- Roofing and floors, wooden windows, entrance doors, parts for gutters and sheet metal parts.
- Components for assembling the facility and complete finishing of the building from the outside to the gray finish inside
- Delivery to the construction site

We can offer the following additional services:

- Installation and assembly of the house
- Plumbing
- Electrician
- Ventilation
- All turnkey interior work

All installation work is carried out by our professional masters!
It is possible to make changes in house overall dimensions, facade color, dimensions and material, roof covering material as well as inside wall positions.
We make people happier!
Discover the main advantages of constructing frame houses
  • Energy efficiency
    Modular houses are energy efficient as they are constructed using energy-saving technologies.
  • Construction speed
    Modular houses are erected much faster than any other type of house.
  • Choosing any type of house
    The customer can choose the type and style for their house, as well as the number of floors.
  • Affordable price
    Building a frame house is much more convenient than building a blockhouse
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